New York, NY (SEPTEMBER 10, 2020)—Analyst Bureau, a New York-based publisher of fiction and non-fiction technology and business intelligence literature, announces the publication of Escape Stalker, the debut novel from widely published futurist Adario Strange. The book is now available in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

The speculative fiction novel reveals the path of brand alchemist, prime minister whisperer, and shadow trend tweaker Jones Byrne, who does his best contract work remotely, hidden in the seams of his upstate Beacon, New York factory loft. But one mystery client has made an irresistible offer that will pull him back into the mysterious corridors of his expatriate past in Tokyo, Japan.

Soon, Byrne is running for his life through the most massive human-sized maze on the planet. Pursued by hordes of ragtag scavengers and expert hunters, all wearing nootropic-enhanced masks and armed with bleeding-edge holographic booby traps and ancient blades honed on the bodies of anyone foolish enough to venture outside during Japan’s most perilous month: Golden Season.

Golden Season means the annual start of artificially-induced seismic shocks and an unofficial pause on even the most horrific crimes, all designed to give the country time to release the dark energy stored in the foundations of its spaceward-crafted buildings and breathe out the noxious spirits hiding in Japan’s arcane contours. Byrne never thought he’d return to Tokyo, but one last job, and the long reach of Japan’s gravity well of neon canyons, augmented reality ghosts, and mirrored mountains proved irresistible. But this time, there may be no going back home.


Inside the book, readers are treated to augmented reality animated maps of three pivotal plot points in the book. Scanning the interior logos in the print version of Escape Stalker (pages 1, 154, 282) reveals the hidden AR maps when readers download the free Artivive app for iOS & Android ( ).

Additionally, the book’s cover contains a hidden video trailer that begins playing when readers scan the cover logo with the same Artivive mobile app. The experiences were designed and embedded in the book by immersive experience studio Astralform.


Originally from the East Village in New York City, Adario Strange has been traveling to and living in Japan for almost two decades where he has worked with the country’s leading artists and businesspeople and served as the Editor-in-Chief of the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan. As a journalist, he has covered the intersection of technology and culture for years for the likes of Wired, NBCUniversal’s SyFy channel, and PC Magazine. Strange has appeared as a technology expert in the pages of The New York Times and on National Public Radio (NPR). In a past life, he was the Editor-in-Chief of The Source music magazine and produced music for the late Tupac Shakur. Follow him at:

ESCAPE STALKER by Adario Strange; Analyst Bureau;
September 10, 2020;
Print $9.99 e-book $4.99
ISBN paperback: 978-0-9969972–7-0;
ISBN e-book: 978-0-9969972-6-3